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One review problem waiting, but button doesn't work

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2017-11-26 12:29
marcel The goal is set to 40 problems; I've done 39. There are 0 "new" problems, 0 "learning" problems, but 1 "review" problem. The "Today's goal" box says "You're part way to your goal. Keep going!
All due problems studied: plus 50 points!"

But when I click the "Review" button, nothing happens - the page just reloads without the problem showing.

So in order to get today's goal I guess I have to enable other problems.

2017-11-26 12:31
marcel I've now enabled more problems and done them; now the box says "You made your goal! Feel free to continue!".

So maybe there really was no review problem but the count was wrong.

2017-11-26 17:08
Darrell Malick sounds like it. Thanks for letting me know.

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