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New problems not showing up?

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2017-10-03 20:55
alemitrani Hi

Overall I am impressed by the school and enjoying it a lot. However, the training system does not seem to be working as described in the Help pages.
I did the first 3-4 point joseki lecture on Sunday and added the corresponding set of problems. Since then I have done aprox. 40 problems but they all seem to be 3-3 point joseki problems, related to the lectures I studied previously. I would like to work through the relevant problems immediately after studying a new lecture, but there doesn't seem to be an easy way of doing this. The "cramming" option referred to in the help no longer seems to exist. The "quick look" option does not show the problems in the normal way, and it does not seem possible to work through them this way. Furthermore, as "New + Learning" gives me review problems and not new problems, I'm not sure what the point of the "Review" button is. Is it just that I built up a big backlog of problems? If so, is there a recommended frequency for lecture viewing? Please comment.

Kind regards

Alex Mitrani

2017-10-04 15:13
Darrell Malick Hi Alex,

Glad you are liking the site overall!

Yes, the help file hasn't kept up with the site improvements. Sorry about that.

There are 3 classes of problems: New (never seen inside the Training System), Learning (Less than 2 day repetition cycles) and Review (Greater than 2 day repetition cycles)

One of the philosophical choices in designing the Training System is to favor remembering what has already been started over seeing new problems. But it's a fairly light preference. That's why we made the two buttons - so that you have more choice over this issue.

The shorter the scheduled intervals, the more critical it is to do them roughly on time. So your "Learning" problems get the highest priority in the system.

When you click "Review", you will get NO New problems. You will get Learning problems first, and then Review problems.

When you click "New" you will get NO review problems. You will get Learning problems first, and then New problems.

"Cramming" has been renamed "Quick Look." Quick Look does not use the scheduling system at all - you just look at the problems one after another.

Frequency for lecture viewing depends entirely on how much time you want to spend. My system is to do my Learning and Review problems (using the Review button) first. Once I've done those, I'll watch a lecture and add a new set if I want to go on. This is how I make sure I'm not going to overwhelm myself tomorrow or the next day. But others do it differently so you'll have to experiment a bit.

Does this help?

2017-10-04 20:18
alemitrani Hi Darrell, thanks for your reply.

Yes, it does help. I did get to my new problems eventually, seems they were just stuck behind a queue of learning problems.

The main unresolved issue is that "quick look" does not seem to work properly, at least not with my software / hardware. I'm using firefox for Android and a Moto G3 smartphone. Happy to supply screenshots to illustrate the problem. If this would help, please provide an e-mail address.

Thanks again.


2017-10-04 20:25
alemitrani Update: I submitted a screenshot with a bug report.

Kind regards


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