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Problem > Back button > Wrong times

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2017-09-28 17:13
marcel On Safari 11.0 on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra), when I click "Easy" or "Good" or whatever, then want to change the answer, I use the browser's back button. But then the times appear in minutes, e.g., easy 115226 minutes, good 88178 minutes, hard 61130 minutes, forgotton 10 minutes.

2017-09-28 19:05
Darrell Malick That's because the "Last viewed xxx ago" is so short. It was a design decision to keep ALL of the time UNITS constant (except for "see it again in 10 minutes") so you're not constantly facing intervals like Last seen: 12 days, Hard: 17 days, Good: 5 weeks, Easy: 7 weeks.

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