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Suggestion: Edit mode in problems section

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2017-09-04 15:55
Lasher Hi, I'd like to do a suggestion. Sometimes I like to do variations to a problem to see what would happen if white or black doesn't follow the marked paths in the problem. But it's complicated because of automatic responses by white or black.
Is it posiible to implement a edit mode button for ignoring the reponses tree and a pass button (this one would be useful in discussion problems page too).


2017-09-04 16:06
ndbgo You can try out variations if you hit the "Solution" button. That way both black and white's next move are marked instead of played automatically.

2017-09-04 16:07
Guo Juan Hi, You can just play a move or two elsewhere and then try your variations. Thanks

2017-09-05 18:28
Lasher Thank you ndbgo and Guo Juan.

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