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Mobile phone ?

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2017-08-23 19:58
Wayem Hello,

I just discovered IGS yesterday and 3 words: I LOVE IT.

However I have a few questions regarding utilisation on a smartphone.

1/ Is it normal that I dont get any subtitle for lectures ? It didn't show up even after clicking "english" ?

2/ I had the impression that after each problem you had a hard/easy/forgotten/etc choice. However I just get "got it" and "not yet".

Is it normal because I dont have (yet) a full account ? Any other possible reason ?

Thanks !

2017-08-23 20:19
Guo Juan Hello,
I am glad you LOVE IT :-)
1/ The Training system works on devices, means you can do the exercises on your phone. But it is not perfect yet to watch the lessons on your phone. We are working on it and hopefully soon will be ready.
2/ It is because the problems you are doing are 'New', when you get into 'Learning problem waiting' and 'Reviewing problems waiting' , you will see hard/easy/forgotten/etc choice. 


2017-08-23 20:26
Wayem Wow thanks for this quick answer ! Ok "got it" ;)

2017-10-03 14:46
alemitrani Hi. I have the same observation: the only buttons are "got it" and "not yet" - in both "New" and "Review" mode. I've never seen the buttons described in the training system help. I'm using Firefox on Android.

Kind regards

Alex Mitrani

2017-10-03 15:02
Darrell Malick Hi Alex,

Short answer: Keep going and you'll see more buttons soon.

Longer answer: When studying a problem, there are two modes: Learning and reviewing. You start out each problem in Learning mode, and there are only two buttons. Once you have clicked "got it" twice, the problem switches to Reviewing mode and you will have all 4 buttons. Later, if you click "forgotten" it will put you back in Learning mode.

2017-10-04 20:20
alemitrani OK, thanks for clarifying that, Darren.


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