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Step by step lectures

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2006-12-30 00:33
rs220675 Hi Guo Juan,

first of all I wanna praise this type of lecture. I began to study it when I was around 10k (KGS, beginning with lecture 2) and now I'm 3k (KGS)...and STILL have these wonderful moments of "enlightenment" during the lesson.

In my opinion this lecture type shouldn't be limited, but be continued. When the more general topics are done, one can look more into detail of this and that strategy and principles. I think the potential is almost infinitive here, the same with josekis, shapes and life & death. The section counting could close after some more lessons or added with new features like "fuseki", "yose", "special techniques" etc.

Step by step could be the fundament of what the other lectures talk about and even if there are sometimes the same topics thats fine for repetition.

Anyways, keep up the good work!

Best wishes


p.s. What do other customers think about my proposal?

2007-01-09 18:26
Guo Juan Sorry for late reply. I am just back from a short winter break.

It is very true, the Step by step course will far not be able to cover all the useful priniples. My idea is after I finished the 15 lessons ( if really necessary I will go on make 20 lessons in total ), I will make a new course: basic priniples to cover as many principles as I find useful for improving. Is this a good idea?

Thanks for your good advice!

2012-07-05 03:43
Buri Greetings,
I think what is important for these lectures that makes them different from others is that Guo is using her experience to isolate and prioritize certain concepts and principles that need to be systematically mastered to form the basis of a good player. In this respect I don' t really feel that one needs to change the format or start working on more complex joseki etc. The lectures should certainly point to the more detailed high focus lectures which are relevant. If anything I feel the level of examples and difficulty actually jumped up a little too quickly around lecture 8 or 9
I would like to do a whole series of lectures on the end game which are identical top the Opening Training lectures which really are my favorite.....
Best wishes,

2012-07-20 01:52
Guo Juan End game is a huge subject we need much more time and energy to make them. For now the Big endgame moves will already help you very much. Thanks for your support.

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