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Spread the word!

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2006-12-26 14:51
Becci I think Guo Juan's audio lessons are excellent and are the best way to improve. So I think it's the responsibility of those of us who know about these lessons to spread the word to all those other Go players out there.

Two easy ways to do this (I've already done them) are to add links to the site (http://www.AudioGoLessons.com) in your user information on KGS and in your email signature.

2006-12-26 14:59
Guo Juan Thank you very much!

Yes, we do need everybody's help.

2006-12-30 15:44
hanekomu Good idea.

I've also added the link to my blog about "Baduk und Sprache" (baduk and language; in german) at http://baduk.at/ (yes, it's shameless advertising).

But also I wanted to thank you for the lessons and this site; it's a really nice way to study - on demand, concise, and a wide selection of lectures. They are even better than KGS Plus lessons because you can prepare them in advance without having to cope with viewers' comments.

And a request: Would it be possible to bring back the chronological list of lectures (i.e., sorted by the date they were added) - it was a quick way to check what's new without having to go through all the sections. Yes, there's the "Site news", but they only go back a few entries.

Thank you again,


2007-01-09 19:24
Guo Juan Thank you very much for your good idea on 'sorted lectures by the date they were added'.

Yes, it is possible now. When you click on Available lectures, there is ' -> by date '.

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