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Couple of suggestions for training system

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2017-05-04 18:37
Zteven Hi,

- I find the leaderboard, if anything, demotivating. It just makes me feel sad I will apparently never be as awesome as Theresia. I suspect it would work better if you are compared against people who are 'similar'. For example, people with the same number of problems or who have been practicing the same amount of time.
- I would find it useful to see my history with a problem when I am seeing it. A little breadcrumb trail like HFHGEE would be enough to see I pressed hard, forgotten, hard, good, easy and easy previously.
- I would like to see more stats and progress reports. For example, details on the problems in my queue (how many did I find easy or hard) or a graph with the amount of problems I've learned (found easy twice in a row).

Hope this helps.


2017-05-09 19:29
Darrell Malick Hi Steven,

There's a "hide" button on the leaderboard if you're finding it demotivating or otherwise irritating.

Your other suggestions are interesting and I'll keep them in mind.

2017-05-18 11:10
CmdrDats I'd second the breadcrumb idea - Would be nice to see the history of the problem - perhaps after you've solved it even. Sometimes I mark as 'hard' with the thought that if I battle that much again, I'll mark it 'forgotten' to prevent it from slipping too far away..

2017-05-18 13:26
Darrell Malick I like the idea too. I have it on the wish list. But there is a pretty long to-do list in front of it at the moment.

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