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Experiments in marking non-due problems as forgotten

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2017-04-09 05:23
lightvector About the "there's no way to adjust the scheduling problems except to wait for them to come up again" issue, I recently found a problem I wanted to mark as forgotten and also strongly wanted to mark two of the related problems as forgotten too, except those two weren't due yet for a few days.

Because I was curious what would happen, experimentally I went to the "Quick Look" for that set, found those problems, and deleted the "?cram=1" off of the url. If you do this it seems to take you to exactly a page like the one that would come up if it was due for learning/review, except sometimes the next displayed intervals for the Easy/Good/Hard buttons are screwed up. Anyways, I clicked "Forgotten" on that page for those two problems, and it in fact does seem to have reset the two problems to forgotten. Cool!

So it looks like this actually has just worked. And since that's the case, I'm hoping that programming-wise it shouldn't be too hard to put a "Mark as forgotten" button on the cram page of a problem that uses basically the same code, if that problem is currently enabled and in the review phase for that user? Even better if the cram page also shows how long until the problem is next scheduled to come up normally.

Would this be easy to implement? It would be nice to have as an official feature, and as a bonus it now gives users a way to fix things themselves when a problem's scheduling is messed up for any other reasons.

2017-04-23 04:20
Garrett Smith How did you know when a problems was going to be due? Have you tried this recently? I recently tried and I could only make it work on problems in my queue. Perhaps code has changed. BTW I have used your trick in the opposite sense for a while. While doing problems if I see a problem that I want to return to I bookmark it. I then edit the bookmark and add "?cram=1". That way I can return to that specific problem in cram mode anytime I like.

2017-04-29 17:36
lightvector I didn't know when those two problems would be due at first - I just knew they weren't in my queue and I wanted to reset them. So I went and found it in the cram mode and then deleted the cram off of the URL - and then inferred that they would be due in a few days from the fact it said I had last seen them a day or two ago and that all the problems in that set for me were in the range of several days to a week.

I've since done it with another one or two problems. This time, not by going through the cram page, but actually going back directly to the appropriate URL shortly after I misclicked "hard" when I actually intended to click "forgotton" when doing a problem. (But it's the same URL, so it shouldn't matter whether you go through cram or not). It still worked as I said in my first post - despite having already marked that problem as hard and due in 10 days and having it exit my queue, going back to that URL and selecting forgotten successfully scheduled me to see it later an hour later. (I have the "first learning interval" set to 60 minutes).

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