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Suggestion for problems

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2017-03-26 19:45
CmdrDats Particularly with the opening problems, often I can't recognise how it got into the said position - and I have no easy way to get an answer - if I can just be able to step through to the problem from the first position, that would help a lot!

2017-03-26 20:14
Darrell Malick I assume you are talking about the discussion pages for problems. If so, then this feature is already on the todo list. I want it too!

2017-03-26 20:36
CmdrDats Well, I kinda mean inside the actual problem - sometime I'll strike a blank and the whole position just looks completely foreign (meantime it's just after joseki mistake from a one-space low pincer or whatever) - my brain needs to still connect 'mistake from one-space pincer' with that pattern and I'd be able to do so more efficiently if I can just get access to step through the moves prior to the problem..

I'd still mark it as 'not yet' or 'forgotten' if I had to go so far as to go back and check, but it'd be faster to remember for future if I could have access to the initial joseki information.

Here's an example problem: https://internetgoschool.com/auth/problems/993/Esp2sFTo9lI$ to make it concrete.. it starts with the board populated, but I can't get to the history.

If I have to go through the 'discuss problem' link for it - it's an extra step, but fine, it'd still be faster than simply flying blind.

2017-03-26 20:43
Darrell Malick Links to problems like you put in your comment aren't clickable. Sorry.

We have been redoing many problems, starting them earlier to reduce this problem.

There isn't any way for us to give you the leadup that occurs prior to the opening position within our existing program. However, most of the positions you find in problems come from the lectures if you really want to see earlier and can't work it out.

2017-03-26 21:31
CmdrDats cool - that's nice to hear :)

ye - that's a good point - there is a link to the lecture, I can just pop that open! I didn't think of that :D That'll be more than good enough.

2017-03-26 21:37
Darrell Malick Good. :-) Don't forget, you can navigate the tree in the lecture too.

2017-03-26 21:48
cook777 I personly like that I can't. I want to learn the shapes and not only just learn it in the joseki.

2017-03-26 21:53
Darrell Malick Yes, there is some value in struggling a bit sometimes. Helps keep you from going numb and just clicking.

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