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Can't zoom in any more.

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2017-03-17 10:27
rfmvad Hi,
Zoon in stopped working in a mobile phone version. So, can't solve problems using it.
Thank you

2017-03-17 10:46
Darrell Malick Hi rfmvad,

It should be working. The problem should be that you have an old version of the website stuck in your phone's browser cache. If you clear your cache, it will start working again. Different browsers are different. If you can't figure it out, let me know what OS and Browser.

2017-03-17 10:49
Darrell Malick oh wait, you're talking about zoom, not scroll. Sorry.

Zoom is working on my iPhone using Safari but not Chrome. Interesting, I hadn't noticed this before. New bug. Ok, I'll add it to the list. Could you try a different browser and let me know what happens please?

2017-03-17 11:28
rfmvad It doesn't work in Firefox too.
Cache cleaning doesn't help.
I can say for sure that it worked on last Saturday. Solved about 70 problems then.

2017-03-17 19:02
Darrell Malick ok. I'm raising the priority.

2017-03-18 12:50
Darrell Malick Zoom is fixed.

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