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weird behaviour with browser "back" button

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2017-03-11 02:06
ndbgo I try to avoid it, but occassionally I use the browser "back" button, when I've clicked "good" too hurriedly and had wanted to hit "forgotten" instead. But sometimes when I do that, the resulting timing of that problem becomes odd. Right now I have two problems where the timing is 1504/1157/810 MINUTES for easy/good/hard on one, and 1483/1141/798 minutes on the other one. I've tried hitting "forgotten" for both of them, but after I got past the "Got it" stage the timing is weird again. The odd timing notation wouldn't be a problem if these problems came up after 1157 minutes (19 hours), but unfortunately they don't, they show up after 10 minutes. Is this something that can be fixed?

2017-03-11 03:24
cook777 I been meaning to post a question about "changing" an answer after clicking the wrong one. Does the system know I am trying to change my answer, or am I just adding even more time. (assuming I am not clicking on forgot.)

ndbgo: I'll be interested in the answer you get. Sounds like it has nothing to do with the browser's back button.

I find if I'm doing "quick look" problems, that when I am on problem 15 and I click on the back button, and do problem 14 then click "Next problem", I'll jump to 16.

2017-03-11 14:46
Darrell Malick cook: when you click the back button and change your rating, it replaces your earlier rating.

ndb: I don't understand what's happening. The weird numbers come back over and over on these two problems? Could you please email me a screen capture?

cook: Quicklook behavior is indeed as you have described.

2017-03-11 17:23
ndbgo yes, once a problem has these weird numbers it stays like that, until I click "forgotten" and restart the learning phase. Right now it's resolved for those two problems, but I'll keep an eye out for when it happens again. I'm not sure if it's really related to the "back" button, or if it has to do with switching between iPhone and Mac.

2017-03-22 09:56
marcel Just now I mistakenly clicked "forgotten" on a problem, then used the "back" button to go back and change it to "good". It didn't work; the overview page (with problem stats) appeared, with the message. "Error: could not update problem state: Column 'state' cannot be null".

I think the problem was "Korean style Lesson 04A - problem 1050_01.sgf". I'm using Safari on macOS.

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