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Difficulty level calibration

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2017-03-09 17:10
Darkmage Is there a rough conversion of the difficulty level bar 1-11 (of the website for the lectures) with 30kyu-Nth dan that I can roughly keep in mind while deciding which lectures to watch at various stages of progress ?

Thank you.

2017-03-09 17:19
Darrell Malick Hi,

No, there's no calibration to Go ranks. It's just an attempt at a continuum of difficulties. It takes into consideration factors such as the difficulty of the patterns, length of the lecture (longer ones are harder to assimilate), sound quality, teacher style and existence of problem sets.

2017-03-09 17:59
cook777 Darrell Malick: So that's why Tesuji Lecture was marked 1-1? I left a comment about that on the Lecture comments. I was thinking it was an error. Still don't think that should be 1-1. It does now make more sense.

Thalapillil: The level bar seems accurate. I believe the goal is just to help you decide the order you're going to watch things in. I guess this is why it's not a direct Go ranking.

On the off chance you don't know, you can look up the kyu/dan ranks of a lecture in advance search.

2017-03-09 18:03
Darkmage Thank you. That makes some sense.

"On the off chance you don't know, you can look up the kyu/dan ranks of a lecture in advance search." -- Thanks for this too, I was not aware of this !

2017-03-09 18:05
Darkmage Ah ! There is a study guide there too ! I hadn't realized that either... \facepalm

Thank you again :)

2017-03-09 18:26
Darrell Malick cook: Which tesuji lecture? I'm sure you're right, a tesuji lecture is more difficult than "1".

talapilil: That study guide needs some maintenance, but still it's got some good qualities. :-)

2017-03-09 19:28
cook777 I forgot about the study guide. I personly don't like it. (Unless I was 30k to 20k) I was thinking it needs a different way of guiding. (This is because the lectures overlapping. For some odd reason unknown to me, it bugs me. Why I'm not thinking "Oh look, here a list of all the lectures in my rang, I can choose from, Great!"

Darrell Malick: Life & Death -> Tesuji -> Tesuji Lesson 1

2017-03-09 22:54
Darrell Malick thanks cook. I bumped it up to 4

2017-03-10 18:50
quotient While you're looking at lecture difficulties: Step-by-step 3-4 point lesson 08 (https://internetgoschool.com/lesson.vhtml?ls_id=972) is difficulty 2, but all of the other lessons in that sequence up to lesson 18 are difficulty 3. This seems like a mistake.

2017-03-10 18:54
Darrell Malick adjusted. Thanks!

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