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Extra "reviewing" problems on mobile site

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2017-03-09 16:16
marcel Today I did my problems on a MacBook as usual so that zero learning and zero review problems remained. When I was later logging in on an iPad Pro 9.7" (iOS 10) today, I had 21 reviewing problems waiting. I did two or three of them and they did get counted, but I have no idea why they were waiting.

When I later looked at the site on the MacBook again, it showed the correct "zero problems" waiting.

What could cause the desktop and mobile versions to be out of sync regarding the problem count?

2017-03-09 16:24
Darrell Malick The computer and tablet versions are exactly the same, so whatever you were experiencing was not caused by switching from one to the other. My *guess* is that you had a bunch of problems in the 10 minute review cycle when you quit your computer.

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