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Sidebars are too sensitive on tablet version

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2017-03-09 16:08
marcel I tried the site on an iPad Pro 9.7" (iOS 10) and have difficulty scrolling on the main page; it kind of works when I'm swiping up in a narrow area in the horizontal middle of the page, but otherwise, the two sidebars - left and right - always and unintentionally slide open.

Could you make the area for swiping bigger and the area for sliding in the sidebars smaller?

Also, why are there two sidebars to begin with? The right one only has "my account" - which also exists in the left sldebar - and "logout"; if you moved the "logout" item to the left sidebar you could get rid of the right sidebar altogether.

2017-03-09 16:22
Darrell Malick Hi Marcel,

Yes, we have already fixed this issue in an upgrade that should be online very soon.



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