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Sound off and research bar

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2017-03-01 14:32
dionis Hello !
First of all : thank you to make a cheap and good go school online, otherwise I would never learn, so I would never complain.

My probleme is : I wanted to swich off the sound of the stones on the goban but I couldn't find the way to do, then I checked on the forum to find out, but I could not find any search bar, or any tool.
So I didn't find any topic about that, but I a not even sure nobody have already asked.

Do you have any solution about the sound ? And I urge you to make a search bar on the forum for any other problems

Kind regards

Nicolas DIONIS

2017-03-01 14:39
Darrell Malick Hi dionis,

Thank you for the nice compliments!

Sound control preferences are coming soon.

But you can control the sound now in most browsers (on a computer at least). Right click on the TAB and select "Mute Tab" from the dropdown menu. If your browser doesn't do this, try Chrome or Firefox.

Search bar for Forum is a good idea. Thanks!

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