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the movie " Go master"

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2006-10-18 15:06
kimxmm The chinese director Tianzhuangzhuang just made a movie "Go master" ( chinese name WuQingYuan ) It's about goseigen (wuqingyuan)'s life story.

The movie just joined the New York film festival, but since they have some money problems to show it in china, chinese people still cannot see it.

I'm wondering if anyone has seen this movie? is it good or not?


2006-10-18 21:35
VeniVidiCogitavi I haven't gotten to see it yet, but there is a review in a recent issue of the AGA e-journal:


In short, the reviewer didn't like it.

I'm going to watch it anyway.

2006-10-19 17:10
kimxmm Thanks,

I read the artical. :(

I'll see this movie anyway.


2006-10-26 18:04
s.schwanhaeusser hehe, i still hope maybe one day there will be a lecture series on classic games by go seigen, here on audiogolessons.

that said,
i wonder if theres gonna be a cinema here in germany that plays that movie, im quite interested... :)



2010-12-03 09:24
zzz Old version was better. I saw both

2012-07-01 07:03
Buri Greetings,
hikaru no go is hard to beat ;)

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