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yesterday's stats (25/2) got lost?

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2017-02-26 18:56
ndbgo According to the front page graph, I didn't do any problems yesterday. But I'm absolutely sure I finished everything yesterday, and the day before that (several hundred problems on both days). Did something got messed up with the website maintenance this morning?

2017-02-26 20:34
WT Same here. Bar for Saturday 25th is missing. Count for days in a row is correct though, I.e., it includes that day

2017-02-26 20:37
ndbgo Yes, same here, I forgot to mention that count for days in a row is correct, just the bar in the graph is missing.

2017-02-26 20:39
Darrell Malick Hi,

Yes, mine too. :-( Last night our problem_views database got corrupted. Claude, the programmer, worked hard while we were sleeping and got it rebuilt and working again. Thank you Claude!

I don't know if we'll get the stats for the one day back, but at least all of our studies were recovered and we're back online.

2017-02-26 20:46
ndbgo Thanks for letting us know, good to hear everything was recovered and that it's not some terrible bug. Things like this make me realize what a gargantuan effort this whole website must be for you guys, thanks for all the work!!

2017-02-26 20:51
Darrell Malick Thanks ndgbo. :-) You know, that one table - the "Problem_View" database - has 3,849,426 records in it right now? Cool, right?!

2017-02-26 20:57
ndbgo Cool! Glad I don't have to type those in manually :-).

2017-02-26 22:06
claude Stats are back!

2017-02-26 22:08
Darrell Malick Woo Hooooo!

2017-02-26 22:11
ndbgo Claude, will you be at the Amsterdam tournament? I'll buy you a drink there!!

2017-02-27 00:31
Garrett Smith I live in GMT +5 and it looks like 20 of my problems from 24/2 were posted to 25/2. Not a problem just an observation probably related to rebuild of 25/2 data. Kudos for all the hard work keeping the site up.

2017-02-27 08:21
claude Ah, I forgot to subtract the timezone... done!

2017-02-27 16:03
Enneit My 25/2 stats look good, but on 26/2 there are roughly twice the number of problems I've ever done in one day. It skews the scale of the chart pretty badly, any chance it could be adjusted? ^^;;

2017-02-27 16:19
WT The missing bar is back, but showing wrong category (quick look, did not do any quick look that day). [Just FYI, i.e., very low priority]

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