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Link from lecture video page back to lecture overview page

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2017-02-08 12:02
marcel When watching a video lecture, there is not link back to the lecture information page.

For example, it would be nice to have a link from http://internetgoschool.com/auth/lectures/992.lecture?lang=xx back to http://internetgoschool.com/lesson.vhtml?ls_id=992 .

The link could be in the title of the information box, where the video title is currently displayed as bold.

As it is now, I have to use the browser's back button.

Do you also think that this would be useful? Thank you.

2017-02-08 18:29
Darrell Malick Hi Marcel,

Why don't you like using the browser back button?


2017-02-09 09:41
marcel Hi Darrell,

while it is good when a web app is compatible with the back button, I think that web apps should provide their own navigation flow. Using the back button in a web app feels like getting out of a dead end; I don't know whether all the app state is preserved.

Also, it would improve consistency, since the lecture overview page is linked from the Quick Look problem pages as well.

2017-02-09 09:47
Darrell Malick Sounds like an unnecessary control to me. I'm very reluctant to add controls.

The Quick Look problem pages need the control (link) unless you want to back up through ALL of the problems you've done, so the link is needed there.

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