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2017-01-29 15:28
Theresia Would you consider to return the option to hide the leaderboard?

2017-01-29 16:43
Darrell Malick Yes, I would do this. Would you tell my why you might want it hidden?

Would others also prefer to be able to hide it?

2017-01-29 20:49
Theresia Because I want my decision whether to add some more new problems to be based on pedagogical planning and longterm feasibility instead of someone else being just a couple of points ahead.

(On the other hand, I would love it to see the next ten days or so of scheduled problems on the main page to be able to judge whether some more new problems will generate too many reviews down the road or not.)

2017-01-29 23:25
Darrell Malick Ok, thank you for the reply and the suggestions. I'll put it on the to-do list to put the hide feature back in. And I'll explore your other suggestion.

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