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Leader board points for forgotten problems and quick views

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2017-01-11 15:53
Theresia I want to point out that some of the leader board points that I seem to get are not really appropriate. For example, I saw a particular position in one of my games and I knew that it came up in one of the Opening training problems. So I used "Quick view" to browse through these problems to find the one I looked for (because the search function is not good enough if there are some additional stones around). I certainly did not train the problems I browsed through. I think that it would be better to just count this browsing as yellow space in the statistics but not as points.

Similarly, I have recently started to reintegrate some problem sets that I have last looked at a year ago. Since the training system then multiplies a year with some high easiness factors, I had no option but to mark every single problem as "forgotten" which again counted as "training".
I think that it would be very, very useful to have a button to reset a particular problem set as "new" (which seems to be technically possible according to another thread title :-) ). Alternatively, it would be nice to set a max/min value for the given values. Then I can always press "easy" without the interval shooting to a useless 10 years.

And yes, I seem to recall that you think that 10 year intervals are appropriate, but I strongly think that they are not. As I learn new things, I see old exercises in a new light or mix them up with new exercises and start to understand the subtleties of the position. I want to push easy exercises quickly up to a couple of months but I do not want to push them to ten years.

2017-01-11 16:42
Darrell Malick Hi Theresia,

Thank you for your suggestions.

Quick Look views get 1 point each. Yes, if you just click through them, they shouldn't get points. How to tell the difference between studying and scanning? Perhaps I can put a timer on them so if you click past a problem in less than 2 seconds, no points are awarded. Do you like this idea?

Resetting a whole problem set to New... Ok, I got your request and will think about it. In *most* cases, I don't like this idea. But your case is compelling.

On the intervals objection, this algorithm is *significantly* improved as regards your objection. You can safely click easy to spread them out. And clicking Hard *very* quickly brings the EF down to stop the expansion wherever you want. Clicking hard twice in a row will bring the EF to about 1.0 even if you have clicked easy a bunch of times. So I think the system is quite fine. If you want it to be even more non-expansive than the default settings, let me know and I'll work with you to adjust your settings so you get what you really want.

2017-01-11 21:49
Theresia Thanks for your response and the information. Getting the EF near 1 with two clicks sounds good enough for most cases. I have not tried for quite some time to press easy a lot after my previous experiences. I will dare to do so again :-)

If you want to avoid excessive usage of "reset to new", you might make it available only after a problem set has not been active for a certain period.

2017-01-12 04:35
Darrell Malick Yes, I completely understand. Clicking "easy" was dangerous before. I'm confident that it's working very well now and I really invite you to try it and let me know if you agree or not.

I like your "reset to new" suggestion.


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