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43rd London Open Go Congress 2016

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2017-01-02 18:23
marek Hello everyone and happy new year!
I thought I will share my experience from logc.
After ~40 days of training basics here and earning around 170_000 points went finally test my strength to first tournament.
With some hindsight, I think I could start the tournament as 9kyu and still would have good results.
Instead decided to enter as 11 kyu because results of my recent games at IGS server haven't been very good.
At the end, I managed to win 5 of 7 games and games I lost have not been complete disasters.
Actually, they have been funny. I lost my first and last tournament game.
The first I played too fast after just first 30minutes which lead to mistakes and last I played too slow, lost on time and time pressure lead to some avoidable mistakes. In both games I also played self-atari moves :)

The other games were interesting in the fact that I managed to get big profits in the centre or defending big moyos.
Here are all my games if Guo Juan or anyone else wants to review them :D


Here are also some photos from the congress https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10154255607152532&type=1&l=6b5a5d7998
when I was not playing.
It was a good and fun event!
Have been there any other students and what results you had?

2017-01-02 19:08
Darrell Malick Great result! Congratulations!

Nice photos too. Looks like a really nice tournament.

I'll look at one or two of your games if you like. Why don't you email me the ones you would choose. darrell dot malick at gmail.com

2017-01-13 23:21
Dyonn Great pics.
I was there, but my extra knowledge I have gained here is not yet turning into good results! I won 3/7 at 4kyu

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