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Chinese vs. Japanese names for pros

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2006-10-17 05:57
ckclark It's interesting to hear the Chinese names for pros that we in the West mainly know by their Japanese names. Most of us I think know that Go Seigen is Wu Qingyuan, but I had to look up something that sounds like "Wang Mingyuan" to find out it is the famous player from Taiwan that I previously knew only as "O Meien."! It was a fun challenge.

So if a pro is well known in China by some name, and the Japanese call him or her something else, please continue to use the Chinese name. It's good for us westerners culturally to get this exposure.

It's also fun to hear different metaphors for tesujis. For example, what you call the "ghost head" we mostly know as the "stone tower" tesuji, but I think "ghost head" is a interesting image, too.

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