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Show Lesson's Description during Problems

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2016-12-23 15:59
davidcgv Hi,
I'm going through the basic course and, now that I've reached lessons 7, when reviewing problems from past Lessons, I end up making a lot of mistakes and forgetting what I was expected to do because i cannot recall the topic.

Some problems don't have any description, they only expect you to move but in many cases i don't know what i need to do.
- Do i need to punish a bad invasion?
- Do i need to create a base?
- Do i need to take away the corner?

I'm still weak but, i believe in some cases the possibilities could be more than one.

IT would be great then if, when going through such problems, there would be a brief description of the Lesson's topic associated to that problem, so i could refresh my memory and know what i should do.


2016-12-23 18:09
Darrell Malick Hi David,

Thank you for this suggestion. You are pointing out a problem and suggesting a solution to it.

Your solution, however, is kind of contrary to an effort we make to keep the screen uncluttered and simple. I'm quite reluctant to add more text to EVERY problem in the system.

But the problem you point out is, I'm sure, very real in *certain* cases. My opinion is that these specific cases *should* be improved. To that end, would you please enter a discussion item for these problems whenever you come upon one that isn't clear? Then I will look at that specific problem and see if it can be improved. In this way, we'll get them all very precisely polished up!

2016-12-23 19:59
davidcgv Thanks Darrell for your quick response.

I completely understand your concerns and agree with them. I also prefer a simple and uncluttered environment as it allows me to focus much more on the task in hand, the problem itself.

Indeed, your proposal is more in-line with what i had in mind, to just add the extra clarification to the problems that would need them. Not all of them they need it, just a few.

I just went through my training so, not sure how long it would take until i see one again but, if they don't appear, i'll try my best to find them.
If i remember correctly, some of the problems i struggle with in this context come from Lessons 4 and 7.

2016-12-24 02:07
Darrell Malick You're welcome. Glad you understand!

Don't worry about speed. We'll pick the up as they come along.

Just to get even more "on the same page", I have one more thing to explain. Ideally the problems speak for themselves. When you are playing a game, no one whispers in your ear: "white can live" or "play the urgent move" or "better create a base." So we try to avoid doing this in problems.

Ironically (and I hope I'm using that word correctly) the "Basic" lectures are often more difficult than the more "advanced" ones, such as joseki lectures. In a joseki lecture, you know the goal is related to the joseki. In the "basic" lectures, it can be *anything* Guo Juan is trying to explain at a concept level and demonstrating using real games.

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