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Middle game Training Lesson A3

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2016-12-11 14:17
Theresia I have just listened to this lesson and I have two remarks/questions about the very last example (around 49 minutes).

1) It seems clear to me that the player played the wrong move because they learned that "eye wins against no eye" and indeed, I also checked this first despite not being DDK anymore, although I did realize that it does not work.

2) It also seems to me that making the other eye at P14 works fine because it threatens to either make a second eye at L12 or capture the stones at O16.

2016-12-11 20:41
Darrell Malick Hi Theresia,

The problem set for Lesson A3 is made and still going through checking, but should be published soon. Your question will be covered by problem 293_10. Moving at P14 first doesn't work because you are taking away your own liberty again. White answers at L12 and black is dead.

2016-12-11 20:51
Darrell Malick Oh! Guo Juan read our conversation and published A3 for you just now! :-)

2016-12-11 20:55
Guo Juan Hello Theresia, I just published this problem set, specially for you :)

2016-12-11 21:40
Theresia Thanks.

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