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Lecture level for 8kyu

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2016-11-21 20:59
JCDenton71 Hi, I am around an 8kyu on OGS and am not really sure where to start with the lessons since there are so many. Is there any indication of which level to choose 1-11? Obviously there are many gaps in my knowledge because I have never had lessons or any structured learning before, so I am tempted to start at the beginning and work my way through but I don't want to waste time. Any suggestions?

2016-11-21 21:44
Darrell Malick True, there is SO much good stuff. It's hard not to make too many recommendations.

MY advice: I suggest doing the "Joseki --> Step-by-step..." series. Just do the joseki lectures to begin with. You'll learn how to punish all the wrong moves, and therefore know the right moves. You'll win games just from that. You also learn a LOT about shapes that apply even when you're not "in" a joseki. Later you can come back and get the "After Joseki" lectures. They're more advanced generally but also fabulous.

Even at around 1 Dan, I still get a surprising amount of benefit and clarity out of the Basic Course series. Maybe shuffle those in when you want a little easier material.

The 1-11 slider: You'll just have to experiment a bit I'm afraid.

2016-11-21 22:01
JCDenton71 Great thanks

2016-11-21 23:18
bouquetf Hi,

As I started to learn here at about 8 kyu (DGS), I think the way I used the site may be useful.
Basically, I used the slider at 1-1 and followed only lectures with exercises. I started by step by step courses, then Joseki, then other.
When I have no more lecture with exercise to learn at a level, I go to next level with the slider.

I started in march I think last year, I finished level 1-4 last month and I'm now about 4 kyu.

Hope it helps


2016-11-22 12:40
bouquetf In fact, it was not last year but this year I started… I get confused with summer :)

2016-11-22 12:46
Darrell Malick Really good improvement rate!

2016-11-24 22:06
JCDenton71 Thanks for the advice, I have started the basic course and plan to work through all the lectures and problems as bouquetf suggested. So far I have learnt more than enough to justify my time and am very pleased with the lectures and problems in general. Great stuff.

2016-11-24 22:12
Guo Juan Great! :-)

2016-12-11 14:21
Theresia I have gone from 9k to 6k on ogs in the past two months, and my recommendation is to do all the easy stuff first (basic step-by-step, A-level opening training, A-level middle game training, some basic topics and lunch lessons) because while it is true that 90% of the content will be ridiculously simple, it is the remaining 10% gap in simple knowledge that hurts you much more than not knowing some joseki or endgame tesuji.

2016-12-11 19:47
Darrell Malick Nice Theresia! And I agree with your thinking.

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