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New features

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2016-10-26 14:09
Dyonn Thanks for the new features! Some comments:

I wasn't able to make any moves on the discussion page in Chrome, but it worked with IE tab.

It would be useful to see a note on each problem to say how many comments there are on this problem.
It would also be useful to receive a notification when someone else has replied to a problem that I made a comment on.
I like the change to the stats page, but I do kind of miss the old version as well. Would it be possible to have both? (i.e. show new/reviewing counts as well as easy/hard counts)


2016-10-27 17:28
Darrell Malick You're welcome!

Discussion pages: It's working now. Worst case, you might need to hit shift-refresh once to clear your browser's cache.

Your indication of comments idea is good and has been implemented. Thanks!

Notifications: Yes, it's already built in.

Stats with "easy, good, hard, forgotten": Not at this time. We experimented with it but the graphs were too busy for most users to appreciate, having 7 categories now. Maybe we will revisit this in the future.

2016-10-27 17:46
Terri Schurter Instead of including easy, good, and hard in the same graph as the other information, perhaps there could be an additional graph with just those items underneath the current graph. That way each graph would present only three types of information and be easier to process than attempting so many distinct pieces of information in one graph. If you used the colors green, yellow, and red for the second graph it would be easily distinguished from the first graph. Also the overlap of information makes one graph seemingly impossible. A problem can be both hard and learning. How do you represent that with one bar graph? Just a thought.


2016-10-27 17:59
Darrell Malick Hi Terri,

We are testing some changes to the scheduling system right now. They are, I believe, a very significant improvement in the behavior of the scheduling aspect of the Training System.

Part of that change is in the behavior of problems in Learning mode. Learning mode no longer has a "hard" button. Or "easy" and "good" buttons for that matter. Hence the need for the "Learning" category.

I know that in the middle of a bunch of changes, things may seem odd. Hopefully it will be clearer in a couple days. And hopefully you'll like the changes!

2016-10-31 17:24
Terri Schurter I love the new rewards, and the leader board is cool.

2016-10-31 17:28
Darrell Malick Thank you :-D

2016-11-03 12:47
tsukrus I also want to say thanks for new features. I like finer control over problems and rewards are awesome!

2016-11-03 21:25
Garrett Smith New features are very interesting. You may have noticed Go players are very competitive and love nothing more than debating the fine points of any rule set. With this in mind, I had two questions:

1. Do I get the 50 points for meeting my target for the day or completely clearing my backlog?
2. What is the meaning of "earned vacation day"? Day off and not loosing my streak bonus or something else?

2016-11-03 23:01
Darrell Malick 1. Making your target advances your "days in a row" streak, leading to points multipliers and vacation days. 50 points is for completing all of your due problems (ie, clearing your backlog, but it doesn't have to be a "backlog").
2. Exactly right. It was debated and decided that demanding EVERY DAY study was too stressful and not fun. So the vacation days give you a day off without losing your "days in a row" streak. Good idea, right? (just say you agree please!)

2016-11-04 17:00
Garrett Smith Go is stressful enough! Vacation days are an excellent idea!!

2016-11-13 14:48
Theresia I like most of the new features. Especially the function that you choose to get a certain number of problems in a session.

The forum for each problem is very good, but the moves don't work very well for me, I have an extreme lag for each move and if I click on someone else's variation and go back then I can only go back forwards to the original problem. It would be great if there were another way to access the comments (by author and date).

Another issue is "problems in order of urgency". This has the effect that "learn and review" will only give the problems I have trouble remembering over and over without a break instead of mixing them up with easier review problems. I would prefer an option to mix this up randomly.

2016-11-13 14:52
Darrell Malick Thank you Theresia.

2016-11-14 14:13
ndbgo Two remarks about problems urgency that Theresia mentions:

- I actually like that there's quite some pressure on learning problems, this prevents me from taking up too much new problems at once.
- I set the first time interval to 1 hour instead of 10 minutes, to get enough normal reviewing problems in between. I spread my sessions during the day, so each new session I keep getting some learning problems. This setting so far works quite well for me.

2016-11-14 15:55
Darrell Malick Good strategy. Personally I like getting new problems once every 10 minute until I really get them in my head, and then once a day until I've got it pretty solidly. But it's a matter of taste and is adjustable as you point out.

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