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Can't get my problems today

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2016-10-12 22:11
tchellina Hello!
I tried to launch my training system today and i got the message i had done my problems for the day. I did not do them, it even shows in my stats. I don't seem to be doing anything different than usual. Anybody else with the same issue?

2016-10-12 22:14
ndbgo Same here. It still worked this morning, and somewhere during the afternoon, but since tonight I can't get to my problems, even though I have quite a backlog.

2016-10-12 22:57
ndbgo And yes, I did increase the maximum number of problems to schedule per day, to see if that resolved the problem. It didn't.

2016-10-12 22:57
claude Is the problem still here? If so, what happens exactly?

2016-10-12 23:04
claude Ok, I found the problem. It should be fixed.

2016-10-12 23:06
ndbgo Yes, it seems to work again, thanks!

2016-10-12 23:09
Darrell Malick I picked a bad night to go to the go club! Thank you Claude for fixing it!

2016-10-12 23:35
tchellina It's always a good night to go to the go club Darrell, no matter what! Thank you Claude

2016-11-22 14:46
Tsloof MyStats shows 16 Scheduled Problems for today and before.
Today's Goal does not show Reviewing Problems Waiting.
I expected to see 16 problems for reviewing.
Is the problem still existing or do I do anything wrong?

2016-11-23 10:46
Darrell Malick Hi Ton,

Sorry for the slow reply - I'm traveling at the moment. I looked at your account and it looks like you've gotten past whatever the problem was. Is that right? Is there anything I should know about it?

Thanks and sorry!


2016-11-23 23:04
Tsloof Hi Darrel,

Nothing that I know of, but ..

One problem on iPad still exist.
No sound on the lessons using puffin browser.

2016-12-22 12:36
Tsloof Hi Darrel,
MyStats shows some 30 problems. Home page shows 2 reviewing problems. This problem has not been solved. I expect the Numbers to be equal.

2016-12-22 12:42
Darrell Malick Hi Ton,

I looked at your account just now and it appears fine to me. So to look further I need to know what OS and browser are you using?

2016-12-22 15:43
Tsloof I use Puffin on iPad. Safari gives the same result.

2016-12-22 15:46
Tsloof The oldest scheduled problem is drom 2016-10-31.
I cannot take a screenprint on iPad to show, sorry. Will try it on another computer next weekend.

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