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to buy aset of stones on shangai

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2006-10-15 23:07
j.corbella Hi everybody,
I live in Spain (Europe) and I have a friend that he goes to Shangai because his job. I would like buy yunzi stones (one side convex) and I would like if anyone can tell me the adress of a weiqi shop in this city. I know that this sort of stones I can buy on ebay or in other places but the shipment to my city is very expensive. I would like take profit from my friend when he goes to Shangai.
Thanks in advanced.

2006-10-16 01:34
Guo Juan You mean the city ShangHai in China?

2006-10-17 14:43
j.corbella Yes, I mean the city of Shangai

2006-10-17 20:42
VeniVidiCogitavi I got a nice set of Yunzi stones (inexpensively) while I was in China. It was in Beijing, but I imagine Shanghai would be similar.

I was not able to find a "WeiQi shop", per se. But they sell sets of stones at many of the small stalls that sell miscellaneous stuff in the large marketplaces.

Don't forget to give your friend the specifics about the stones you want. In addition to the two styles (flat on one side vs.curved on both sides), they'll find different sizes, both for diameter and thickness. Each shop will probably only carry 1 or 2 styles/sizes, but if they keep looking they'll probably find a shop with the correct ones.

Also make sure your friend knows how to tell the difference between the yunzi stones and glass/plastic ones. The shop people probably won't know exactly which ones they have - and even if they know they might lie about it.

Lastly, make sure your friend knows to bargain at these markets. I had my wife (who's from China) along to do it for me, and you'll be amazed how much difference it makes. (BTW, you probably want to make sure this is a good friend you're asking for this favor. They'll probably be spending a fair amount of time and attention on this task during their trip).

You didn't mention wanting a board or bowls, and this is just as well. They seem to just have woven baskets as bowls, and cheap laminated boards. The baskets will come with the stones, and the boards aren't worth the hassle of lugging them back.

2006-10-17 21:26
j.corbella Thanks a lot SirBowen

2006-10-18 14:32
kimxmm Hi,

If your firend goes to beijing, I can help. :)


2006-10-25 02:33
j.corbella Hi Jennie, Thanks, If he goes I will tell you.

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