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Training System - can we have New problems show up first rather than last?

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2016-09-28 08:35
waynec Based on my experiments, and my reading of the Training Help page, it appears that when you enable a new set of problems for a lecture, they will not be presented in the training system until you have completed *all* of your Due problems. I would like to suggest/request either switching the default to present New problems first rather than last, or at least have an option to allow you to change the presentation order.

For several weeks during the summer, I wasn't doing training system problems every day (yes I know, naughty me...). So my Due and overdue problems mounted up, to the point where I probably have several hundred Due and overdue problems (there is no way that I know of to find the exact number). I'm doing the online class this term, and Guo Juan has given us several lectures to look at. I have gone through the problems with "Quick Look" for the new lectures, and now I would like to study them properly with the training system. However, when I enable them, I am not going to see the New problems until I have worked through all several hundred of my Due and overdue problems. Hence my desire to put the New problems at the head of the list. Essentially I want to say to the training system: "Yes, I know I have a lot of overdue problems. I'll get to them eventually. Meanwhile, these new ones are more important, and I want you to give them priority for me."

I haven't been able to find a way to tell the system to do this. While I could disable all of the problems in the several dozen other lectures that I have enabled, this would require that I keep a side list somewhere of which lectures I need to re-enable later -- very cumbersome.


2016-09-28 08:50
Ethelor Hi waynec,

I remember that this sort of thing has been suggested multiple times to Darrell. (i.e. The idea of a priority button)

Instead, what he suggested is that I only activate a new problem set every time I run out of new problems instead of activating a lot at once. I have since tried this out and found that this works quite well and completely removes the need for a priority button or any other sort of tampering with the system.

Believe me, I had seen a lot of lectures so I see what you mean by being cumbersome. At the same time, I feel like learning it this way is the best way even if it means it might take you a little longer until all of your desired problem sets are activated. Give it a try.


2016-09-28 09:27
Darrell Malick Hi Wayne and Simon,

Thanks for the suggestion. There are actually a couple issues involved here, and I think Simon's suggestion is not directly addressing your situation.

In October, I am going to give the user full control over *when* the new problems are delivered. You will simply choose from two buttons instead of the "Study Now" button. The two buttons will be "Learn" and "Remember". The down side of this strategy is that some people will click "Learn" too much and fall behind on remembering (reviewing). But I think it will be better.

Simon brings up the question of "What order do I get New problems in?" The solution to this remains that you should only activate one problem set at a time. That is how you control the order.

We are also making two improvements to the scheduling algorithm. The most important one being that the reviews of shorter time-frames will get priority, so your backlog situation becomes less critical. (hard to explain, but a problem that you only reviewed a few days ago is more important to see again quickly than one you last saw a year ago - the year-ago one can wait another week or two with no consequence)

2016-09-29 07:23
waynec Hi Darrell,

These are excellent changes, which address exactly the concern I raised.
One small point, I haven't seen a "Study Now" button on the site recently; I use the "Launch Training System" button which shows up on the home page and on each lecture page. Oddly enough, there is no "Launch Training System" on the left side sliding navigation bar.

Simon, you right about not activating a lot of new problems at once. My situation was more of having a large backlog of problems, but wanted to do give the problems from a lecture or two priority because this was something special to study for the class.


2016-09-29 11:36
Darrell Malick You are right, the button is "Launch Training System", not "Study now". Just seeing if you were paying attention. :)

True, "Launch Training System" is not on the sidebar menu. Where do you get to that it would be good for it to be there?

2016-09-29 22:55
waynec I only noticed that "Launch Training System" was not on the sidebar menu when I went looking for your "Study Now" button :), so I have never gotten anywhere on the site where I would have needed it to be there. I usually leave the Training System running in an open browser tab, and start it from the home page when needed. I suppose if the sidebar menu is intended to be a comprehensive navigation tool, then you could include "Launch Training System" there just to be complete.

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