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2016-09-12 17:31
ndbgo I've been thinking about the stats page on the website, and thought I'd share.

The second graph, scheduled number of problems is very helpful. I've set the number of new problems very low (max 2 per day), and I check that graph regularly to see if there's room for adding a few extra problems after the end of the regularly scheduled problems. The value of the first graph, how hard I'm rating the problem set, is not that obvious to me. What I'm getting out of it now is that a good chunk of what I'm doing I rate as "good", and that a fair amount of problems I still consider as "hard" or "forgotten". That's a signal to me that I shouldn't add too much new problems and topics yet.

But I have a feeling that the graph of problem ratings would be more helpful if it could be sorted into topic, or even into specific lectures. Are there specific topics or lectures that I keep having trouble with, and for which I should review the lecture again? How fast am I decreasing the number of "hard" problems for a specific topc? I've no idea how easy or difficult this would be to implement, but I think it would greatly increase the value of the stats page.

And thanks for all the good work!

2016-09-12 18:13
Darrell Malick Thanks for the ideas Nicole. I am looking at ways to improve the "gamification" on the site and will keep your thoughts in mind as I work on it. :-)

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