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feature wish list

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2016-08-24 16:42
ndbgo It would be nice to be able to see on the lesson page for each lesson:
* what the level of the lesson and the problem set is. As it is now, I can find out the level of a lesson and its problem set by repeatedly moving the slider until that lesson appears or disappears from the list, but that's a bit cumbersome.
* what my statistics (good/easy/hard) for the problem set with a specific lesson are. That would help to determine if I can disable that problem set or not, before the repetition interval becomes long enough for the set not to clog up my daily queue. The present stats page is helpful to see trends for the entire enabled problem set, but not for specific topics or lessons.

The training system as it is now is already great, these features would be "nice to have" to make it even greater.

2016-08-24 17:45
Darrell Malick Hi ndbgo,

Thanks for the suggestions and for the nice words about the Training System.

The first one should be easy enough. I'll put it on my list.

The second one - I'll give some thought. I've been using the Training System for 2 years now, and in my experience, it's never necessary to disable a problem set. The easy problems get spaced out so far so fast that they *never* clog your daily studies. I have some problems I won't see again for 6 years now. The system really takes care of this for you.



2016-08-24 18:29
ndbgo OK, thanks. Maybe my impression of the easy problems clogging up the queue is only due to the fact that I enabled quite a lot of them right away, but you're right, I'm not seeing too much of those anymore.

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