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problem 1061_10

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2016-08-18 19:30
Terri Schurter I have a question about this problem. It says that there are two half eyes and one full eye. I can see that the inside group can tenuki and live, so I suppose that this must be so. If there were three half eyes it could be killed. But I look at the full eye and there are only two shoulders controlled by the center group. Isn't an eye in the center of the board controlling only two shoulders a half eye?

2016-08-18 19:38
Darrell Malick Hi Terri,

Good question. The eye in the center is a full eye because it controls two shoulders and has miai for the third shoulder. If the Black takes one, then White will take the other maintaining the eye.

2016-08-18 19:57
Terri Schurter Thanks. I thought it might have something to do with the two half eyes.

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