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2006-10-09 19:30
annika.wille Hello,

I tried the first lessons and I am excited about it. The audiolessons are great! Thank you very much for this offer!

Even that I play as a 7k, I started with the first Step by Step course and the first Opening Training as it was recommended in the Study Guide. In the Step by Step course there was a lot that I new, but the principle that was taught was not clear to me. Also in the Opening Training, except for one, I guessed right. But I could never have explained so well, why that is the best move.

Thanks again!

2006-10-21 08:45
bobbacon Just listened and watched Mingjiu Jiang's first lecture, and enjoyed it thoroughly. What a great addition to your growing cadre of teachers! I'll listen to this lesson a couple more times, and am looking forward to Laoshi Jiang's next lesson. Thanks, and please keep up the good work! Wonderful site!

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