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I haven't found anything about this "Joseki"

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2016-08-04 08:52
blue https://s32.postimg.org/8wwuglcat/Go09xx8.jpg

A friend of mine called it "greedy" but i can't really imagine what to do as black.

Even if I Play K16, as some joseki guides refer i just feel like black lost out completely on the Corner and White can even invade easily at H7.

Unfortunately i found nothing in your database about this.
Help would be appreciated :)

2016-08-04 11:05
Tsloof See dictionary of basic joseki - yoshio ishida part 3 page 202

2016-08-04 13:23
Ethelor Hi blue,

Guo Juan made a lunch special lecture about this move. See the URL below. :)



2016-08-04 18:30
Darrell Malick It is mentioned in this lecture too:


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