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Josekis: Step-by-step Lesson 41 inconsistency?

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2016-03-18 15:42
Dyonn I need help with this one. The answers to these 2 problems appear to contradict each other:

Josekis: Step-by-step Lesson 41 - problem 1082_10.sgf
Josekis: Step-by-step Lesson 41 - problem 1082_11.sgf

Is there a reason why, that I am missing?


2016-03-18 17:41
Darrell Malick Hi Jon,

In problem 10 you are asked to deal with an invasion that has already happened.

In problem 11 you are asked to defend the shape against the invasion (to make the invasion not happen, or not work well any more).



2016-03-18 18:00
Dyonn Ah, I get it - Thanks!

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