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Studying ahead

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2016-02-22 19:29
tchellina Hi Darrell,

The system does not offer me to study one day ahead. I have the choice between quit and Pick additional problems. It was the same yesterday. Is there something i should change in my settings?

Thanks in advance,


2016-02-22 20:03
Darrell Malick Hello Celine,

This feature has caused considerable confusion, so we removed it, at least for now.

I just took a look at your account and see that you are studying every day. Very well done! I gather from your comment and from the odd future scheduling in your account that you have been using "study ahead" to get some extra problems to study. Actually, you have been misusing it and it has messing up your future scheduling.

The purpose of the "study ahead" feature was to make it possible for you to study tomorrow's problems early, in case you couldn't study tomorrow and didn't want to feel behind. But when you just use it to get extra to study today, you are stealing the problems from tomorrow. You're not doing extra study, you're just moving the study from tomorrow to today.

So - if you want more problems to study today, the best thing to do is to study an additional 10 NEW problems. Or, if you want to concentrate on one thing, you can go to a particular lecture and do that set in "Quick Look" mode. However, the most efficient thing to do is add a few additional NEW problems.

Does this make sense?

2016-02-22 20:14
tchellina Hello Darrell,

Ok, i get it. I used it too much! Thanks for you answer :-)

Have a good evening

2016-02-22 20:16
Darrell Malick You too!

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