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1 month limit

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2006-10-05 02:57
s.schwanhaeusser hey, i just registered and watched a few lessons and it seems this is a really nice site (i already knew because i watched guo juans and shen jings free lessons on kgs, hehe). i am a bit bothered by the 1 month limit to watch the lectures tho. are there bandwidth or storage reasons for this ?

of course this is enough time to watch the lecture as often as i want, and its really not a big problem, but it would seem much nicer if there was no time limit on it. in a psychological way it would make the 1 euro price per lesson *feel* even more of a worthy investment.



2006-10-05 03:47
Guo Juan The only reason is we need to protect our teachers.

I hope one month is long enough for any one to study one lecture. I believe it is long enough for one who even wants to make his own sgf file with comments. Actually I think this is also a good way to study.

Thanks for supporting us!

2006-10-26 18:02
s.schwanhaeusser i still dont understand how this protects your teachers. iits just that i keep hearing from people that this is the only part of this site they dont like. but of course i respect your decision and will still enjoy your lessons here very much.

thx for the answer,


2006-10-26 19:26
preuss If you don't have a time limit then one person could buy all the lectures and share the password and the teachers wouldn't get paid for the additional users. A time limit minimizes this kind of problem. There may be other reasons too but this seems like an obvious one to me.

2006-10-26 20:08
s.schwanhaeusser hmm, i agree. i have to admit that i hadnt thought about it this way (maybe im too honest :)). i would hope there could be a better solution for this, tho (seeing as the limit doesnt really prevent what you are saying).

for example limiting the number of times a lesson can be accessed per day from different IPs, etc.

(i dont say this because im all that unhappy with the present situation, but just because i imagine it could lower the threshold for some other people to join: as i see it, the more people who get interested in this, the higher the possibility of success, additional courses, etc.).

anyways, i will still be happily using this site, with or without the timelimit.


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