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watching lectures on kindle fire

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2016-02-07 00:12
NannyOgg Does anyone have any tips or tricks about watching the lectures on a kindle fire?
I was unsuccessful with the dolphin browser and only half successful with the silk browser. In silk it does the start of the lecture just fine, but then at some point the audio keeps going but the board stops.
I just watched step by step joseki lesson 11 and this happened at 10:34

Any ideas welcome!


2016-02-07 00:22
NannyOgg Additionally I can't get all about invasion 14 started at all!

How will I ever get stronger now????

2016-02-07 00:24
Darrell Malick Actually I disabled that set for your username. heh heh heh ...

2016-03-26 16:30
NannyOgg Ha! I now can't see any training system problems. Even if they did work in the past.
Tablets are frustrating!

2016-03-26 16:55
GoFogey Hi Nanny, I've only been able to play on a Surface (Microsoft). A Surface is a real computer that runs a normal OS. On my Surface everything runs perfectly. -- Lou

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