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Corner shapes L+1 shape ‐ Practical 1 question

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2016-01-31 12:34
Squared It's about the shape in the audio lecture (at 10.15) with no outside liberties compared to the same shape with 3 outside liberties (5.43). They're both at move 19.

In the lecture Guo Juan explains that with outside liberties, white's corner is alive. Without outside liberties it becomes a ko. I can completely see this when the number of outside liberties is equal to 3. I can also see it when the number of outside liberties equals 2. But it seems to me that with 1 outside liberty, it also becomes a ko? I cannot figure out how to get unconditional life for white, if white still has 1 outside liberty. Can you please explain when black plays at S1 when white has 1 outside liberty (not 3)? Thanks.

2016-02-01 22:27
kvasir If I understand which position you mean, then I think white can play S2 after S1 and that will not be a ko because after black T4, white R1, black T2, then white can still play T3 because of the extra liberty.

2016-02-02 02:21
Darrell Malick It's a good question Squared. The answer is that with one outside liberty, White should get at least seki. Guo Juan is adding a couple problems to the set to address your question. I'll let you know when they're online.

2016-02-02 02:52
Darrell Malick Ok! There are four new problems added to the set to fully answer your question. :-)

2016-02-02 16:58
Squared Great! Thanks, for the quick response. I'll go check them out right away ;-)

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