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My wishlist

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2016-01-08 23:58
Theresia Here are some things that I would like to learn about. If I have just not found them, I would of course be grateful for pointers to the appropriate lecture.

*) Carpenter square
(While my life-and-death knowledge is certainly not my weakest skill, I have been especially happy with the corner shape exercices here, because so far I have a 100% success rate in applying the learned knowledge in my games which is not always the case for the other lectures. So, I would like to add another shape to my portfolio.)

*) Reduction/Invasion timing

While I have found some exercices about this in some of the step by step lectures, it is not really enough for me as it is my biggest weakness right now. I would profit a lot from a problem set in the style of the opening training. (For example: Is it the right time to invade/reduce the bottom? If yes, where? Or Which of A, B, C are good?)

Of course, there is no hurry, as I have just started to use this website :-)

2016-01-09 02:29
Darrell Malick My 2 cents as a fellow student:

Carpenter's square: Yes. Very complicated subject. I would like to learn more about this too.

Invasion: I'm currently studying the "Middle game > All about invasion". It's excellent. I'm on lecture 5 now. I'd say once you get past the generalities in the Step-by-step series, learning specific invasion shapes and patterns really makes the decision of invade/reduce a lot easier. That will keep you busy for a while!

2016-01-13 20:48
Darrell Malick Hey Theresia,

There's some really nice carpenter's square shape discussion in this lecture:


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