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Game reviews via email.

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2015-12-12 05:47
zac Has anyone here ever had their games commented on by either a pro or strong amateur, via .sgf/email?

I feel I'm doing a lot of the right things to improve- watching the lectures, doing the problems, solving tsumego daily, and playing a lot of games, which I look over myself.

I feel like I would greatly benefit from having a consistent teacher to look over my games, perhaps once a week or fortnight. Any suggestions or experiences would get greatly appreciated. I would consider getting private lessons (or group lessons like here) but I work shift work and am also in an awkward time zone...

2015-12-12 16:13
Darrell Malick Hi Zac,

I know Guo Juan doesn't like to do typed reviews because it is slow. Speaking is much easier for her. I bet you could get an occasional private lesson from her at a time that would work. IMO, Group Class is cheaper and also fun, but if the times don't work, then that's out.

I find Guo Juan's reviews to be better than others - she finds the most important couple things to learn from a game rather than just telling you what was wrong with almost every move (I find that fairly useless). And she can point you to the lesson here that covers it rather than spending the time in the lesson to basically give you a lecture. I always prefer to come away from a review fully learning one or two things that I will actually remember.

Regarding hiring an amateur, I took a bunch of lessons from one that I won't name. I had a really hard time unlearning some of the stuff he taught me that was simply wrong. I took a trip to China a couple years ago and visited a major Go school. And you know what? They hired only Pros to teach the beginners. From the very beginning, students there never get taught wrong moves for them to have to unlearn later.

2017-02-16 23:48
thebeginer How strong was the amateur teacher in terms of dan level?
and the pro?

2017-02-17 00:12
Darrell Malick The Advanced Study Room on KGS is a place you can play games and get reviews.

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