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iPads working now?

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2015-12-09 21:59
Darrell Malick I tried the site on 4 iPads today. An iPad pro, two minis and an Air. It worked on all four of them. I'm wondering if Apple fixed some bug in their OS or something. Are your iPads working now?

2015-12-12 04:45
Charles Training system still does not work on my iPad Mini 2, latest operating system iOS 2.9, and tried both Safari and Chrome.

2015-12-12 15:33
Darrell Malick Charles: Thank you for the reply. Well, I had hopes. Actually, one of our users emailed me last night. He tried different browsers on his iPad and found that it worked using "Puffin", though he notes it's not 100%. I'm not sure what's not 100% about it yet. It's hard for me to test because my iPad is working. Anyway, if you want to check that out, here's a link to that browser:


Looks like it might have an additional benefit or two over Safari and Chrome too (encrypted browsing at least). If you try it, please let me know your experience.

2015-12-12 16:57
Darrell Malick Further information: on the iPad, report is that everything works 100% using the Puffin browser in Landscape mode. Possibly also perfect in Portrait mode, but not fully tested.


2015-12-22 22:08
mshealey Mine is not working today. Also I have never managed to make it play a lecture.

2015-12-22 22:09
mshealey And I can't scroll down this forum

2015-12-22 22:47
Darrell Malick Hello Ms Healey!

Two of our users have been testing different browsers with great success on both Apple and Android devices. It seems to be a browser problem. The browsers that often DON'T work are the most popular ones: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera.

Other browsers ARE working. Try, for example, the Puffin browser on the iPad. On Android, Puffin, Dolphin and Naked Browser are all reported as 100% working.

More feedback on this would be very welcome- which browsers work and which don't?

2016-01-08 22:06
marcel I'm using Puffin in landscape mode on the iPad; it looks good now! In portrait mode the play controls (during lectures) were small and difficult to tap; the problem buttons ("easy", "good" etc.) weren't fully visible and I couldn't scroll.

Thank you for the Puffin suggestion!

2016-01-08 23:12
Darrell Malick You're welcome!

Yes, landscape mode is best. Someday, when we work down the to-do list a bit, we will tweak the elements of the Training System and make portrait mode look better.

Thanks for the feedback!!

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