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suggestion: comments on a problem

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2015-12-02 18:52
pietrosperoni Every now and then I find myself having some issues with a problem on the training system. Maybe the training suggests a move, but I think another move would be better, and would like to know if I am wrong and in case what problems would be with that move. I am sure other people have similar problems. I wonder if we could have a small comment section connected with each problem. It possibly should be threaded, so people can respond to a variation, while suggesting other variations. And it should be closed by default, so a person who does not want to see it, does not get distracted.

Anybody else things this would be useful?
Darrell, would it be a lot of work to insert it? Do you think Guo Juan might like the addition?

Thanks :-)

2015-12-02 19:31
Darrell Malick Hi Pietro,

I have thought about this. If I recommended adding it (GJ always gets the final decision), I would make it visible at the end of the problem rather than at the beginning.

On the plus side, I think it might be entertaining or educational sometimes.

On the minus side, it would tend to be a distraction that would slow down study, adds another element to a screen that I want to optimize for tablets and phones, and isn't currently as some other things on my programming wish list.

For now, I'll add it to a requested feature list I keep. If more people ask for it, I'll be listening and taking notes. Thanks!!

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