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Error training session

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2015-11-23 12:23
timo_timo I just registered to try the training system, but when I click "Launch Training System", I only get this error message:

Error: could not insert daily stats: Field 'today' doesn't have a default value

The help page mentions a "Study Now"-botton, but I don't see it. Any idea how I can solve that?

Thanks in advance!

“Study Now”

2015-11-23 17:01
claude The problem is fixed. Thanks for the report!

2015-11-23 17:07
timo_timo It's working now, thank you for the fast reply!

2015-12-11 00:34
9APCRmUC When I click on the Training System button, I get the error message
Error: could not reset daily stats: Column 'today' cannot be null

2015-12-11 01:37
Darrell Malick Sorry about that. Would you try it again now and let me know if it's working please?

2015-12-11 19:37
9APCRmUC working now, thanks

2015-12-11 19:40
9APCRmUC new problem: repetition for problems rated is in months rather than days or hours, even tho I didn't set it up that way

2015-12-11 20:24
Darrell Malick Hi 9APCRmUC, This isn't a bug. Don't worry, it will work out! I will explain.

You started using the training system almost a year ago and used it briefly, and then took a long break. Because of this, you have some problems that were last viewed *months* ago.

The goal of the system is to show you problems just barely often enough so that you don't forget them. So, when the system shows you the problem now that you last saw months ago, you tell it if you remember or not. If you click "forgotten", it will reset the problem and let you learn it over again (in minutes and hours and days). But if you click "easy", "good" or "hard", then you are saying you remembered it after all this time. So the system schedules the next viewing for even further into the future.

In short, if you have forgotten or just want to study a problem over again, click "forgotten."

Suggestion: email me directly at feedback@internetgoschool.com with any questions. I will help. I'd suggest maybe you would like to change your user name. I can help with that too.

Best regards,


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