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turn the sound off in training system

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2015-11-19 18:11
compostbrain Is there a way to turn the sound off in the training system?

2015-11-19 18:13
Darrell Malick Not at present.

2015-11-27 18:02
jdludlow Just chiming in that this would be a great feature. I like to listen to music while I do my problems, and the constant "BING!" is distracting.

2015-11-27 20:42
Darrell Malick This is on our wish list. But I can't make any promises for when it will get done. That's the best I can do for you right now. Ok?

2015-11-29 19:30
Darrell Malick Ok! Claude has added the feature. Find it in the bottom right corner of the Training System page. Don't forget to say "Thanks" to Claude!

2015-12-13 00:05
cranes Mute option on problems is important to me to, but I'm having a problem with it. Every time I mute it, it is reset to 'sound on' at the next problem. I'm using Firefox, if that's relevant.

2015-12-13 03:15
Darrell Malick oops! You're right! On the to-do list.

2015-12-13 03:20
Darrell Malick AAaaaaand it's fixed. :) You might need to do a <shift>-refresh for it to take effect.

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