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Lesson Request - Real-game applications.

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2006-09-29 21:48
VeniVidiCogitavi I've been getting a lot out Shen Jing's series on fundamentals (using thickness, direction of play, etc.) The material is great and the exercises really help reinforce it.

I find, though, that in looking at the examples and exercises it's too easy to see the answer - but only because I already know the topic of the lesson. If the lesson is on "using attacks to strengthen your weak group", then my eye can often pick out the weak group, and a likely attack that would strengthen it.

I'm often aware, however, that if I had encountered that same position in one of my actual games, I would have completely missed that play.

So, I was wondering if - at some point, when it's at an appropriate point in the series - these lessons could be followed up with some lessons on how to recognize the application of the principles during the course of a game.

For instance, we might be presented with a position WITHOUT getting a clue as to what the key element was. We would have to evaluate the position and choose one which of the principles we've been learning apply:
- directly play a pivot point to expand a moyo
- build a moyo by using thickness to attack
- strengthen a weak group by attacking
- start a leaning attack
- save important stones
- OR recognize that the opponent is about to do one of the above to us, and make a play to interrupt it.

Only after we've made our choice, then the lesson would continue to show us how to recognize the applicable fundamentals during a game.

2006-09-30 20:11
Guo Juan Thank you for this good advice.

Indeed we need to do alot of exercises.

We have Opening Training now, I am thinking about some hundreds of exercises on middle game, build up a 'Middle Game Training'.

2006-10-01 15:06
kimxmm Thank you, SirBowen, very good ideas.

Actually I thought about some of what you said, as long as I collect good examples, I'll make good lectures of what you said. :P

Please be patient, give me some time. thanks.


2006-10-01 20:09
kimxmm Middle game training a very good idea.
Thanks again SirBowen and also GuoJuan.

After we finish all the attacking lectures, we can do it. :)

If everyone can find the correct answer after seeing the examples, I will be very happy because this means the lectures are helpful. I think this is a kind of training (subconciously), later when you play your own games, you will have a better feeling about what you've learned in different situations.


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