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Half point losses (and losing won games)

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2015-11-09 20:33
wrex I can tell that Guo Juan's Go School has already made me much stronger: I now appear to lose the majority of my games by only 0.5 points! <laugh>

For about the sixth or seventh time since joining the school a few weeks ago, I just lost another game by precisely a half point. They've all been losses -- I've yet to win one by 0.5!

I think I learned something about my playing though. In nearly every case I thought I was well ahead through the early middle game (punishing joseki mistakes like crazy with my new-found knowledge from this site) but later suffered from a successful invasion into my "territory."

Sometimes my poor reading allowed the invading stones to live, other times I set myself up for invasion when I failed to defend earlier in the game. The latter in particular seems to be my most common weakness: I never seem willing to give up sente in the late-middle game — even if the move is worth a few dozen points! It's also increasingly obvious I really do need to start counting territory....

I think I could use a lesson about losing games you've already "won." Seriously, it's a topic I would love to study.

2015-11-10 00:58
zac Under Middle Game lectures there is a series of 5 lectures on "Winning a Won Game", I haven't watched them myself but I imagine it's probably what you're looking for.

2015-11-10 01:55
wrex Perfect! Thanks, I didn't see those.

Winning a won game does sound better than losing a won game. <laugh>

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