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Stats page for the training system

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2015-11-05 10:18
pietrosperoni I have to say I really like how in the new system I can look for classes at a certain level of difficulty. Something I cannot find anymore is the graph with the number of problems solved each day. This use to give me a sense of the slow accomplishment. Like when you climb a mountain and when you stop you look back at what have you done. Yet I do not find that page anymore. Would it be possible to have that page back? Or is it already around and I just can't find it?


2015-11-05 10:32
Darrell Malick Hi Pietro,

Thanks - I love that filter too!

The Stats graph is still there. Open the menu slider. Third one down is My Stats. It's much faster than before, but it can still take as long as 10 seconds to display the stats page.

2015-11-07 10:14
pietrosperoni Thanks, found it!

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