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2015-11-03 14:16
Dyonn Thanks for the training system - I love it! I know the idea is to watch the videos, then try the problems, but for me, it is much more effective to dive straight in to the problems. Here are a few thoughts that I have had:

1. I like the new layout, but one thing I miss from the old layout is the number of new problems remaining on each of the topics I have enabled.

2. There are a few problems that I get stuck on the last move of the sequence, so I've learned the essence of the question, but I choose the wrong pincer to end the sequence. I wonder how important this is.

3. On other problems, I don't understand a certain order of moves, e.g. in lunch special lesson 3 when to protect against the cut first, and when to atari on the first line first. I have re-watched the lesson, but it hasn't helped. Maybe we could have a sub-forum to discuss specific problems?

4. Recently I have been seeing things like "last seen 5 days ago", and "Click 'Good' to see again in 5 days". I wonder whether there is a hidden decimal in there, or whether it will be stuck like that until I feel confident enough to click "easy".


2015-11-03 15:15
Darrell Malick Hi Jon,

Thank you for the post and the thoughts! I'll address your thoughts with mine.

1. Removing some of the data from the Catalog page got a lot of thought. It is simpler and less likely to cause an overwhelming feeling this way, and in the end, we thought that was more important. Also, it will display better on a tablet with this format. You can still see how many NEW problems you have in your selections in the top righthand corner of the problem-solving page itself. I know it's not broken down lecture-by-lecture. But normally I find it best to add one lecture at a time to my study anyway. If you do the same, then actually all of the data is still available.

2. I ponder this question too. In the end, it's a *self* evaluation, so *you* get to decide what is important from each question. My feeling is that keeping that last move really sharpens my feel for where a pro thinks is important after the joseki and I like it. But I don't mark something forgotten for this if the main point is to learn a joseki.

3. Lunch special 3 is the hardest lecture of all for understanding move orders IMO. I've asked GJ a couple time: "Can't we play this way instead" and she says "No, changing the order gives your opponent extra choices..." I've tried to fill in a few variations to the degree I understand them. I have also had the frequent experience in *other* places that parts of problems I haven't understood on the first 5 or more viewings suddenly pop into clarity. Anyway, I'd be happy to have a forum thread to knock ideas around on "why not ..." Feel free to start a conversation!

4. The scheduling for your next viewing is a result of all of your earlier feedback. If you have clicked "hard" a few times, the Easiness Factor ("EF") gets pushed to 1.0

Clicking "Good" leaves the EF where it is -and- "see it again interval" = "last seen interval" x EF.

So, the answer is yes. If you have clicked hard enough that "Good" will give you the same study interval, this interval will not lengthen until you click "Easy" at least once. And probably you'll want to click it more than once.

Personally, once I stop struggling with a tricky problem, I like to see my intervals doubling (last seen 2 weeks ago, see again in 4 weeks). If it's a really easy problem, then I just keep clicking easy and let intervals get huge really fast.

2015-11-05 17:11
Dyonn Thanks Darrell. I'm going to be braver and click easy a bit more than I have been :)
One more thought that I meant to mention:

It would be good if the problems randomly rotated and reflected around the board (so they don't always appear in the same corner). This would help us to make sure we learn the shape, and not just remember the answer to a problem. I don't know how easy that would be to implement, though.

2015-11-05 18:17
Darrell Malick You're welcome!

Your rotating/reflecting/color-changing idea has been fully implemented in the system since day one. We turn the feature off for certain problems - particularly whole board opening type problems. It looks weird when there are three white stones and two blacks in an opening! But for most problems it's on.

2015-11-06 18:24
Dyonn Fair enough. I don't think I'm bothered about the change of colour. It must be some of the few where the feature is turned off that I noticed it always seems to be the same part of the board.

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